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Why wait and miss out on the early pension fund? There's not enough for everyone. Act now to save disappointment! We are not a broker or consultant we are hear to serve you with the legislation of releasing your cash.

Receiving your pension early.

We all have the right to receive our pension. Let us at pensionrelease55.co.uk release yours within 8 to 12 weeks!

We get the job done fast.

8-12 weeks is all it could take to receive 70% of your pension. To enquire call 0330 400 8848

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"I contacted Pension Release 55 and after a brief phone call confirming the amounts and provider they arrived at my home to help me fill in all the forms and then sure enough just as they said a large amount in one lump of my pension was in my account. I couldnt believe it, perfect just what I needed as was in the process of losing my home. Not any more thanks to these guys."

"I just want to say if you're not convinced. Let me assure you! £65 thousand pounds later I have the cash now and it has relieved the pressure after all I paid it in and I worked hard for it, so yes I took control of it and it's working for me now."

"This company is amazing, no nonsense just tell you as it is , no misleading information just the bare facts of it . they told me it could be 12 weeks to go through the process but it was in my account within 6 weeks best part of 40k whey hey!!!"

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